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Rotating Dual Disc Bulk Material Handling Valve or Ash Discharge Valve
The Ultimate Management in Toughest Pneumatic Conveying of Powder Material
The Unique design and material features enable it to perform in
Most extreme abrasive application in dry particulate material handling.
The subtle but critical design features and material composition makes it the best in it class.
Decades of exposures and experience in related industries have enabled us select the right material
composition backed by complete infrastructure to ensure the best is delivered to the customer.

Design Feature
1) Rotating Disc Mechanism : With every stroke the disc rotates a couple of degrees to make sure the entry wear position is constantly shifted to increase the life cycle. The rotating design ensures a continuous self lapping operation during its operational life, thus retaining its tight shut off properties and automatic repairing of scratches during actual operating conditions (refer user guidelines in case of disc / seat leakages).
2) Shear Disc Mechanism : The optimum disc profile and supporting spring pressure is maintained to shear clean the powdered material from the operating mating surface to prevent damages in the disc and seat ring during field operational condition ( refer user guidelines in case of disc / seat leakages ).
3) Dynamically Loaded and floating Stuffing Boxes : The stuffing box is dynamically loaded with spring to compensate wear out kevler seals and prevent leakages. The stuffing box is kept floating to ensure the actuator piston alignment is not disturbed during assembly or operations.
4) Actuator / Solenoid Valves / Connectors : These are designed specifically to ensure optimum speed of operation  (opening / closing ) is achieved. Lower speed will adversely effect the life cycle of the valve.
5) Material Properties :
I ) End Covers and Middle Ring are made of “Alloy Ductile Iron”( UTS : 400 N / mm2 and Hardness : 220 BHN min ). Premature failure of brittle material like cast iron and alloy cast iron due to improper alignment / bolting / support / transfer of the impact during operation is reduced.
II ) Disc, Seat & Sleeves (optional) are properly heat treated to achieve minimum hardness of RC-57 (600 BHN) and desired micro structure is obtained.
6) Quality Control :
I ) Spectrographic and Microstructure image analysis are done to ensure right microstructure is obtained in    Alloy ductile Iron and Disc, Seat & Sleeve material.
II ) Lapped Surfaces flatness is checked by high performance monochromatic check lite to ensure the desired surface finish is achieved.
III ) Body, End Cover, Disc, Seat & Sleeve hardness are ensure through Dynamic & Rockwell Hardness Tester.
IV ) Operational Speed is measured by electronic measuring equipment ( PLC control) to confirm the speed of operation.   

General assembly drawing and Specification of Ash Discharge Valve

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I ) Power Industry II) Cement Industry III) Petroleum Industry IV) Aluminium Industry
a ) Diverters a ) Silo Diverters a ) Electrostatic Precipitator a ) Alumina Conveying
b ) Ash Circulation b ) Cement Kilns b ) Solid Injection System  
c ) Ash Conditioners c ) Dust Conveying c ) Dry Grind Injection System  
d ) Lock Hopper Vent / Equalization d ) Mill Feed Raw finish d ) Dehydrated Discharge  
e ) Economiser e ) Coolers e ) Dry Pellets / Granules  
f ) Bag House f ) Cements / Clinkers    

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