An ISO 9001 : 2008 Company ; Manufacturer of Castings for Mineral Processing Units in India, Castings for Thermal Power Plants in India, Wear & Abrasion Resistant Castings, Precision Shell Moulding Castings.
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For Online Chemical Analysis

Chemical Laboratory
For Cross Checking on line analysis and for stand by chemical analysis.

Image analysis to ensure end proportion.

Universal Testing Machine
To ensure the tensile strength and elongation of the material.

Compress Load Test Machine
To Ensure Product quality.

Rockwell Hardness Tester
For Hardness Testing Heat wise.

Portable Dynamic Hardness Tester
For Hardness testing of actual product.

Monochromatic Check Lite
To measure surface flatness of lapped / ground surface.

PLC Controlled Pneumatic / Hydro Testing Facilities

Paint Coat Tester
To ensure paint thickness to meet customer satisfaction.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Tester
To confirm wall thickness of casting in difficult areas ensuring product   quality.